Arboretum rules


Let the flowers bloom and the plants grow.

Enjoy nature without damaging it. Remember you should leave no trace of your visit!
When a flower, plant or fungus, regardless of its size, is collected or damaged, the natural balance of the forest is disturbed. Bees collect pollen and nectar from flowers and provide pollination. Fungi break down dead wood and provide important nutrients for other plant species. And for forest animals like squirrels, mice or beetles, mushrooms are a nutritious bite.

ATTENTION:: many of the plants in the Arboretum are poisonous! Prevent children from touching plants they don't know.


Animals also enjoy the calm, avoid making too much noise.

Respect the silence of nature. Artificial noise changes the behavior of wildlife and deprives us of the tranquility and natural sounds of the forest. Do not use instruments such as megaphones, whistles, music reproducers etc., and lower the tone of your voice. Avoid any action that could endanger or frighten animals.
It's not just humans who enjoy peace in the forest. For many animals, sufficient rest is necessary for their survival. Migratory and breeding birds, for example, need tranquility to raise their chicks or to undertake their tiring annual migratory journey.

The use of drones is strictly prohibited.


Keep your dog on a leash.

To make the Arboretum a safe place, visitors must keep their mascots on a leash at all times. Other visitors will appreciate it. There are people who are afraid of dogs. They also have the right to walk in nature.

At the Arboretum there are shepherd dogs that guard our sheep. Avoid approaching them. They are sociable, are used to visits and they will not attack your dog. However, it is recommended to keep your dog leashed at all times and prevent them from getting too close to them… and the sheep!


Do not cut cuttings;

Do not pull out plants or flowers.
Engraving or scratching trees is tantamount to injuring them. The wound is a gateway to insects and parasites that can weaken it.


Help us keep the forest clean. You will not find garbage cans. Take your garbage home.

In the arboretum you will not find bins. Make sure that there are no traces of your visit by taking your waste home.
The waste damages the landscape and disturbs other visitors. In addition, waste is harmful to people, animals and nature: it can contaminate the soil; animals can eat them or get tangled and injured with them.


Stay on the trails.

You are asked to stay on the trails without trampling on the ground to prevent it from compressing and hardening. Air and water will no longer enter the roots of trees and plants, which can cause their degradation and death. Walking off trails can damage vulnerable plants and disrupt the life of the Arboretum.
You will find paths marked with numbered stone poles that can guide you in your walk. Choose the path that best suits your activity level and available time.


Preserve the Arboretum from fire! A fire can spread very easily.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke or make fire. In dry periods, a cigarette butt may be enough to start a fire.


Some plants and animals love dead wood: leave it in its place.

Decaying dead wood increases forest biodiversity. It is a source of nutrients for many microorganisms and invertebrates and is therefore an important link in the forest ecosystem. Animals such as salamanders, bats and pine martens use dead trees as shelters.


Avoid the entry of exotic or invasive animals or plants into the Arboretum.

Do not introduce plants or animals. Invasive plants - such as the Pampa feather or acacia trees - represent an important problem for the conservation of our biotopes. They spread very quickly and displace native plants.


Enjoy your walk while respecting the neighbors as well as other visitors.

This rule sums up all the others well. By respecting nature and other people everyone will be able to fully benefit from the Arboretum, now and for generations to come.
Do not bring your vehicle (car, motorcycle or bicycle) into the Arboretum. You can park in the esplanade of the church of San Vicente. Be careful not to disturb the neighbours.


Avoid any risk

The visitor is fully responsible for any accident that may occur during the visit. The Arboretum de Galicia disclaims all liability for any potential damage or injury that may have occurred during the visit.



… whoever throws garbage,
burns or tries to burn,
stealing or harming
the plants of this place,
let their hand
became a razor
and tear their skin,
let them remains paralysed and suffer
faint from pain
shout and cry out for mercy
and let nothing relieve their suffering
until their death.
Let the worms gnaw at their entrails
and, like the one who planted eucalyptus,
let their penis rot,
and when they finally
descend into the eternel punishment,
let the flames of the hell
consume them forever,
let the gods of heaven and earth

punish them with this malediction,

to them,

to their children and grandchildren,
and their grandchildren’s grandchildren,
forever, eternally.
Let you not forget …