History of the project

The Arboretum de Galicia began in September 2010 with the acquisition of an eight-hectare plot of land in the reiriz site, San Vicente de Pena, Begonte (Lugo).

The land had a forest of oaks and river trees. The property had been abandoned for over 30 years, which meant the forest was fairly well preserved. We cut down eucalyptus trees as well as a few other trees. Planting of new species started in 2011. At the same time we worked in the rehabilitation of agricultural structures that had collapsed or been recalled by the wilderness: dry stone paths and walls, mills and stone huts; we introduced two granaries and built a shelter for sheep. All this in the respect of traditional construction techniques and materials, using masons from the local community. The land has gradually expanded thanks to the acquisition of the adjoining plots and currently has an area of fifteen hectares.

We are two Galician biologists who, after 45 years living abroad working in International Organizations and in the European Union, decided to dedicate our efforts to an initiative to protect a natural area in Galicia for educational purposes. Family and friends joined this project.

  The project was born out of the strong will of the family that started it and would not have grown as it did without the efforts friends, family and neighbours who made it their own: Martín, Carlos, Teresa and the Castro González family; Elena López; professionals and artisans from the area (José Luis López, Canteiros Hermanos Quijada, etc.). They have all contributed tremendously, some still do, by bringing their knowledge and passion into the project. Many have worked tirelessly for years to rehabilitate this place that, in some of their cases, has seen them grow. The Arboretum de Galicia also belongs to them..

César & Begoña

An arboretum is a multi-generational project

After ten years of work and planting, the collections are consolidating while new non-invasive trees and shrubs are introduced. We obtain most of the plants from nurseries in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom and Spain. For phytosanitary reasons we do not bring plants outside the European Union. The use of environmentally friendly practices is at the core of the project’s essence and thus the use of insecticides, herbicides and agro-chemical products is completely excluded.

A project like one is a never-ending story. To persevere, never giving up… ''NOT DEFICERE''